HERO Charcoal Pod 2pk. Take Grilling wherever you go with these waterproof, portable charcoal pods.
Hero Charcoal Pods  (2 Pack)
HERO Charcoal Pods come fully packed in a post-consumer recycled cardboard box. Simple remove the lid and burn the eco friendly charcoal briquettes in the box.
HERO eco friendly charcoal pods makes grilling healthy, fun and clean. HERO Charcoal pods produce 75% less emissions than traditional BBQ grills. Made for use with the HERO Eco Grill this Eco Charcoal sets a new standard in BBQ.
HERO Charcoal lights within 30 seconds of holding flame to the briquettes and spreads across the briquets without having to light each briquette. HERO Briquettes are made from natural ingredients and are clean burning. It takes 10 minutes to get to over 400 degrees. HERO is an easy charcoal grill gets high ratings in portable charcoal grill reviews.
Hero Charcoal Pods  (2 Pack)
Hero Charcoal Pods  (2 Pack)

Hero Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)

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Eco-friendly and instant light HERO Charcoal Pods are ready in 10 minutes and deliver over 60 minutes of cooking time. Clean up is easy because any grilling mess is captured in the single use, disposable pod. It’s a healthier choice, as the charcoal is plant-based, low VOC and can be composted. Plus, you don't get your hands dirty having to handle and light charcoal!

Product Includes

  • Two (2) HERO Charcoal Pods

Key Benefits

  • GREAT FOR CAMPING, PICNICKING and TAILGATING: The HERO’s quick set up, easy to use components and fast lighting charcoal allow you to conveniently enjoy a charcoal grilled meal almost anywhere outdoors.
  • NO MESS CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES: The durable, eco-friendly HERO Charcoal Pod is compact for stackable storage and no mess compared to bagged charcoal briquettes.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: HERO Charcoal Pods are clean, compact and portable and their earth friendly ingredients are low VOC, making them an environmentally friendly fuel choice compared to petroleum based alternatives.
  • QUICK LIGHT CHARCOAL: The LAVALITETM Charcoal Pod provides a simple and fast lighting charcoal with each single use, disposable pod.
  • SAFE PORTABLE CHARCOAL: HERO Charcoal Pods are a safe, portable charcoal option for grilling great food with friends and family. Plus, they are quick to extinguish by pouring water over the pod.

Learn how to compost HERO Charcoal Pods.

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Hero Charcoal Pods
Great, easy, clean
Excellent product
Hero Charcoal Pods...perfect way to grill!
Easy and Versatile