Hero Butane Lighter

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HERO Butane Lighter is great for grilling and starting campfires. It uses HERO Onestroke technology to make it super simple to start a fire. The HERO Lighter is windproof, compact and durable.
HERO Compact Refillable Butane Lighter
HERO Windproof Butane Lighter is durable and uses Onestroke technology to make starting a fire simple and easy.

The HERO™ Butane Lighter is perfect for the outdoorsman or tailgater and easily fits into your HERO™ PACKTIGHT™ Carry Case. Sturdy, compact construction combined with ONESTROKE™ open and light functionality makes starting your HERO Grill easy and effortless.

 Key Benefits

• Windproof
• Compact
• Durable
• Refillable

Butane not included.