Matt Moore will tell you flat out:

He’s a Serial Griller. In his latest book, Serial Griller (available for sale at the bottom of the page), Matt takes you on a tour across America to round up authentic stories, coveted recipes, and indispensable tips from the grill masters of the South and beyond.

Now, HERO™ Grill presents Matt Moore with a different grilling challenge: Go out and ask some of your favorite folks to tell us (in 10 questions or so) a little more about themselves and grilling and life. For this first one, we had the opportunity to grill Matt himself, but as he’s out on the road, we’ll follow along as he poses these same questions to other friends, chefs and fellow food lovers.

This is going to be fun.

MM: "ANYTHING handheld - from skewers to wings to gyros."

MM: "Unless it’s slowly cooked pork, brisket, chicken, or mutton - don’t call it BBQ.  If you are cooking above 300 degrees F, you are grilling."

MM: "Every night.  A great way to wind down after a day at home - to get outside, enjoy the smoke, smells and atmosphere that grilling provides.  The food is pretty darn good, too!"

MM: "Grilling on the beach shore post-engagement . . . a great way to shake off the nerves.  She said yes, I lit up the grill and enjoyed a few cold ones!"

MM: "Ah, Serial Griller!  Ok, probably a bit too self indulgent.  How about anything written by Steven Raichlen."

MM: "In the heat of the moment (no pun intended) promoting Serial Griller to the masses.  Always fun to write books that include others - and very grateful for the responsibility and the opportunity to share so many of my peers’ recipes and stories."

MM: "Diversity - respect - understanding.  We have an incredible moment right now to foster community and compassion - what better way than to do that through food?"

MM: "Light a grill - and the atmosphere is instantly set.  In the dead of winter, I’m still grilling - my wife always tells guests that the food tastes like summer.  I believe grilling provides us a chance to enjoy that endless summer."

MM: "Thad Cockrell - If in Case You Feel the Same."

MM: "Whole grilled trout - if I can catch it."