How do I use the HERO Grill?
Unfold the grill and fully extend the legs. Open the charcoal pod, light the briquettes using the instructions on the pod lid. The HERO Grill is ready to cook in 10 minutes. After grilling, pour water over the grill to extinguish the fire. Let the HERO Grill cool for 10 minutes and remove the charcoal pod tray before packing the grill back into your HERO Carry Case.

Does the HERO Grill need any assembly?
No. Simply unfold the grill legs and insert the charcoal pod for easy set up.

Where can I use the HERO Grill?
The HERO Grill is designed to be used anywhere outdoors. It is great for apartment living, tailgating, camping, RVing, vacations, overlanding, hunting, boating, fishing, picnicking or hanging out on the beach.

Can I use the HERO Grill inside or indoors?
No. The HERO Grill is designed only for outdoor use. Do not attempt to use the HERO indoors or inside of confined areas, such as tents or RVs.

Can I use this grill at my apartment or condominium?
Because most state fire codes prevent the use of charcoal grills in apartment buildings or condominiums, we suggest you consult with your local fire department for specifics. In some cases, smaller grills, such as the HERO, are allowed.

What surfaces are ideal for using the HERO?
Non-combustible surfaces are best, such as a picnic table, hard cooler, boat dock, boat deck, truck tailgate, ATV tailgate or soft sand beach. The grill features TALONGRIP non-slip feet to help keep it in place on a hard surface.

How do I know if HERO Charcoal Pod is lit?
You only need to light the 4 corners of the charcoal pod to start your HERO Grill. The charcoal will sparkle or turn darker as it ignites and the fire spreads across the charcoal pod.

What happens if it gets knocked over while cooking? Will it light the ground on fire?
Always practice extreme caution when grilling, and do not grill on unstable surfaces. If the grill is knocked over while cooking, it can ignite any surrounding combustible materials

Is the HERO Grill safe for kids to use?
No. Like any grill, the HERO grill involves fire and high heat. Never leave the grill unattended while cooking.

How do I pack my used grill and charcoal pod back into the carry case?
The HERO Carry Case was designed to help you pack away the entire HERO Grill System after each use. Once properly cooled, replace the lid on the charcoal pod and place the grill into the zippered bag. Then, place all the components back into the carry case, which can be easily wiped out with mild soap and water once you return home.

What is in the HERO Charcoal Pod?
Each HERO charcoal pod has 3 earth friendly components: the cardboard tray, made from post-consumer recycled materials; the lava stone insulating tray (see next question); and all natural charcoal briquettes.

What is the white material under my charcoal?
This is naturally occurring siliceous rock called perlite and, as such, is not toxic. This ‘lava stone’ is used to insulate the grill on the bottom and the sides of the charcoal pod. The ‘lava stone’ is an inert mineral aggregate that improves drainage and aeration when added to soil. You may be familiar with it as the substance in some potting soils. We do not recommend disposing of perlite into lakes, ponds or streams as it floats. Read more about composting HERO pods.

What are HERO charcoal briquettes made of?
The all natural charcoal is made of bamboo wood char, a naturally self-regenerative and sustainable carbon source; limestone, to create a consistent burn; and a naturally occurring oxidizing mineral, to help ignite the coal.

Why do HERO Charcoal Pods produce up to 50% less emissions?
The charcoal pods do not contain petroleum product additives. Combined with uniform charcoal stacking, the pod produces less smoke than bagged charcoal.

Why is a charcoal pod better than using bagged charcoal?
Uniform charcoal stacking, plant-based (no petroleum product additives) and one time use mean less smoke, low VOC and no wasted charcoal. HERO Charcoal Pods are compact, fast lighting and simple to use, plus they catch all the grilling mess so clean up is easier.

Why is plant based better?
Charcoal and charcoal starters made from plant based ingredients produce significantly less amounts of volatile organic compounds and do not leave petroleum residue on food and in your lungs.

Can I use other charcoal in the HERO charcoal tray?
No. The HERO Grill is designed for use only with HERO charcoal pods. It is a single-temp grill and is not designed for other fuels, which can permanently damage your grill frame and non-stick coating as well as voiding your warranty.

How does the cardboard surrounding the charcoal pod not catch fire?
The lava stones insulate the cardboard and prevent combustion.

How secure is the charcoal pod tray in the HERO Grill?
It is very secure when the HERO is placed on a level, stable and non-combustible cooking surface.

Can I handle the charcoal pod with my hands after it has cooled?
Yes. Cool down typically takes 10 minutes after extinguishing with water.

How do I empty out the ashes?
When the charcoal pod is cool, simply turn over the pod while holding a thumb over the lava rock form.

How long will it take for the HERO Charcoal Pod to burn out on its own?
It can take 6 hours or more for the charcoal pod to fully burn out.

Can I reuse the charcoal pod?
No. Our charcoal pods are intended for single-use because they capture most of the grilling mess from your food. They are designed to only have enough charcoal for one grill out, which limits emissions and reduces the impact on our environment.

Can the HERO Charcoal Pod be relit after the initial use?
No. The HERO Charcoal Pods are designed for one use only.

What can I do with the charcoal pods after use? Can it be composted or recycled?
Once extinguished with water and fully cooled, the pod may be disposed of in a trash receptacle. To compost, empty the ash and lava stone into your compost bin. Place the cardboard tray into a recycle bin. Read more about composting HERO pods .

How long will it take for the HERO Charcoal Pod to decompose?
It takes about 6 months.

How hot will the HERO Grill get?
Your HERO Grill should reach temperatures exceeding 400°F.

How long can I cook on the HERO Grill?
The HERO Grill will cook for a minimum of 60 minutes, staying over 400 degrees for the first hour. It will stay over 300 degrees for the second hour. 

How long does it take to cook food?
Most foods cook in 10-15 minutes on the HERO™ Grill. Thicker steaks or dense vegetables can take longer. Be patient and enjoy a cold drink!

Can I use metal grilling tools?
No. We recommend you use the custom designed GRATEMATCH Spatula to avoid damaging the non-stick surface. The spatula easily slides under food for clean flipping.

Can I cook on an uneven surface?
No. A non-combustible, level surface is best for using the HERO.

Is the HERO non-stick or do I need to use a cooking spray?
The HERO Grill offers an industry leading, non-stick, ceramic-coated grilling surface. There is no need to use olive oil or cooking sprays to prevent food from sticking to the HERO grill.

What are the dimensions of the grill grate grill by itself?
The HERO provides 112 sq. inches of cooking surface and has 13.1” x 18.97” in total grilling surface.

What is the distance between the charcoal bed and the cooking grate?
There is 1 inch between the charcoal and the grate.

Is the grate height adjustable?
No. The HERO is designed to control many of the elements that make grilling difficult, such as flare ups, airflow and temperature control. Thus, it has one height setting.

How much food can the HERO hold?
The HERO grill can hold up to 10 pounds and has enough space for 6 burgers, 8 wings, 12 hotdogs or 6 kabobs.

Can I use a cast iron pot on the HERO Grill?
Yes. You can cook with a cast iron or other type of grilling container on the HERO.

How do I clean the HERO Grill after each use?
Simply pour water over the grill, run your GRATEMATCH Spatula through the grill grate and wipe with a paper towel or cloth. Do not use wire brushes or metal grilling tools as this can damage ceramic non-stick coating. Because the grill is dishwasher safe, you can put it into your dishwasher for more extensive cleaning.

Can I put all the HERO components in the dishwasher?
No. Only the grill is dishwasher safe. For best care, hand wash the GRATEMATCH™ Spatula, bamboo cutting board and SEARTEAMP™ thermometer with mild soap and water.

How long after I’m done cooking can I touch the grill?
You can pack down your grill about 10 minutes after extinguishing the fire with water.


If one of the HERO components (spatula, thermometer, cutting board) breaks, how do I get a new one?
If the product is still under warranty and was registered, please visit herogrills.com and click on the support link. Complete the online form, and we will be happy to help!

Where can I buy replacement parts for the HERO grill?
Yes. Visit herogrills.com


Is the HERO Grill eco-friendly?
Yes. The HERO Grill is reusable and easily cleaned using earth friendly soaps. The charcoal pods are comprised of volcanic rock, paperboard and carbon which converts to ash – all things that are great for Mother Nature. The volcanic rock will not decompose as it is an inert mineral but it will improve drainage and aeration of your soil. HERO Charcoal Pods can be composted.

What makes the HERO Grill different from other portable grills like Charbroil or Weber?
The HERO Grill is the world’s first grill designed to go in your dishwasher. It also is the first grill designed to use a biodegradable, single-use charcoal pod to capture all the mess from grilled foods, making clean up simple and quick. It is compact and highly portable, allowing you to enjoy an authentic charcoal cooked meal almost anywhere you go.

Why doesn’t the HERO Grill come with a lid?
For most grilling occasions, a lid is not necessary. We designed the HERO to be simple, clean and portable. Typically, grill lids are used for convective cooking and for ‘low and slow’ grilling. Adding a lid makes the HERO less portable. However, for grilling-on-the-go enthusiasts, a HERO Lid will be available soon and sold as an accessory item to the HERO Grill.

Can you leave the HERO Grill outside in the weather?
Yes. The HERO Grill is durable and rust resistant. The rugged, waterproof HERO Carry Case provides convenient storage for the grill and components.

What if I have other questions?
If you need our help, email us at support@herogrills.com. We guarantee a response within 1 business day and typically respond within a few hours.