The HERO Grill System comes with everything you need to grill - no accessories needed.
Hero™ Portable Charcoal Grill System + HERO™ Lighter
Hero Swiftflip Grill Surface is Ceramic Coated and Non-stick
Hero Packtight Grill Carry Case is Rugged, Durable and Waterproof.
Hero Seartemp Thermometer is a multi-function thermometer for checking temperature of the grill and the food.
Hero Lavalite Charcoal Pods are Biodegradable, Low VOC because they are plant-based. It uses eco-friendly charcoal made from naturally regenerative bamboo charcoal.
Hero™ Portable Charcoal Grill System + HERO™ Lighter
Hero™ Portable Charcoal Grill System + HERO™ Lighter
Hero™ Portable Charcoal Grill System + HERO™ Lighter
Hero™ Portable Charcoal Grill System + HERO™ Lighter
Hero™ Portable Charcoal Grill System + HERO™ Lighter
Hero Portable Charcoal Grill
HERO Compact Butane Lighter is Sold Separately. This premium, windproof butane lighter does not come with butane fuel.
The Hero Charcoal grill is a dishwasher friendly grill and will last a lifetime with proper case and use.
Hero™ Portable Charcoal Grill System + HERO™ Lighter
Hero Grills are compact grills allowing you to grill just about anywhere.

Hero™ Portable Charcoal Grill System + HERO™ Lighter

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"If you’re a fan of charcoal grilling, this portable grill is the easiest method we’ve ever tested. Similar to the concept of a Keurig coffee maker, the Hero system uses charcoal 'pods'."

                                                                          ~Men's Journal

What is the HERO?

The HERO™ Grill System is the world's first charcoal grill to simplify grilling by utilizing a biodegradable, charcoal pod. We combined a sturdy and reusable, non-stick grill with our innovative, first-in-class Lavalite™ Charcoal Pods to make grilling simple, clean and portable. 

Why use a HERO?

It has never been easier to unlock the flavor only charcoal grilling can provide. The HERO™ Grill System simplifies charcoal grilling by utilizing HERO™ Lavlite™ Charcoal Pods. Our pods are easier to light, and they're clean, so you can forget about dealing with messy traditional charcoal and petroleum-based lighter fluids. The entire system easily stores in your kitchen, is dishwasher friendly, and is built to outperform traditional portable charcoal grills. The HERO is perfect for apartment porches and small outdoor spaces. Its compact design and portability also makes it easy to stow in the boat or car for camping trips or even a quick trip to the park. 


  • Non-stick, dishwasher safe ceramic coated grill 
  • No mess, instant-light charcoal pod
  • 60 minutes or more of charcoal grilling
  • Plant-based, biodegradable, low VOC charcoal
  • Lightweight and compact at under 10 pounds
  • Full grilling system; no accessories or fire starters needed
  • For use on any non-combustible tabletop or surface
  • PACKTIGHT Waterproof Carry Case
  • SWIFTFLIP Non-Stick, Dishwasher Safe Grill
  • LAVALITE Disposable, Eco-Friendly Charcoal Pod
  • SEARTEMP Nested, Multi-use Thermometer
  • GRATEMATCH Bamboo Spatula
  • Bamboo Cutting Board


 Key Benefits

  • PORTABLE CHARCOAL GRILL SYSTEM: Simplicity in design meets rugged portability, the HERO Charcoal Grill System is compact and lightweight, weighing less than 10 pounds for easy grilling anywhere you go. Plus, TALONGRIPTM feet keep the grill in place.
  • GREAT FOR PICNICKING, CAMPING and TAILGATING: The HERO’s compact size and quick set up allow you to conveniently enjoy a charcoal grilled meal while camping, at your next tailgating party or almost anywhere outdoors.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CHARCOAL: The Fire & Flavor HERO Grill is the world’s first eco-friendly charcoal grill that uses a biodegradable charcoal pod to make grilling clean and simple. Each quick light charcoal pod provides 60 minutes of grilling time and extinguishes easily with water.
  • EASY CLEAN CHARCOAL GRILL: HERO is the first easy clean portable charcoal grill that has a non-stick ceramic coated grilling surface and is dishwasher safe!
  • QUICK LIGHT CHARCOAL: The biodegradable quick light charcoal pod provides 60 minutes of grilling time and extinguishes easily with water.
  • SMALL CHARCOAL GRILL: The HERO is the only premium quality small charcoal grill kit that comes with a dishwasher safe, foldable, rust resistant grill with all the convenient components included, such as the SEARTEMPTM Nested Thermometer, a single use HERO Charcoal Pod, the GRATEMATCHTM Bamboo Spatula and a food safe bamboo cutting board. Carrying and storing the HERO Grill is easy and convenient with the rugged, waterproof PACKTIGHTTM Carry Case, which also is included.

Cook Time = 60+ Minutes 
Size (Grilling Surface) = 13.1” x 8.97” 
Size (Carrying Case) = 4.5" x 11" x 15"
Product Weight = 9.35 lbs (4.24 kg)


Customer Reviews

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Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread!
Awesome grill
Might fine plant burgers
Great portable grill. Charcoal will get pricey
Hi Raul, Thanks so much for your review! We're happy you have enjoyed using your HERO Grill and we really appreciate your feedback. This fall, we are coming out with HERO Charcoal Briquets to refill your HERO Pods taking the cost per use down to as low as $2.50 so we hope that will help you with the price of the pods so you can continue enjoying your grill. -The HERO Grill Team


Simple, Clean, Portable Charcoal Grilling