HERO Grill Now Available at Lowes.Com

HERO Grill Now Available on Lowes.com

 ATHENS, GA:  A new portable charcoal grill that is changing outdoor cooking is now available at major online retailers, including Lowes.com, UncommonGoods.com and TheGrommet.com. The HERO Grill by Athens, GA-based Fire & Flavor Grilling Company offers simple, clean and portable grilling for  the outdoor adventurer or patio griller. 

HERO Grill is environmentally friendly with a single use, biodegradable charcoal pod for simple, clean grilling almost anywhere outdoors. The quick lighting charcoal pods are all-natural with low VOC and 60+ minutes of grilling time. Recent environmental testing shows HERO has 73% less emissions than traditional instant-light charcoal.

Folding to the size of a standard laptop, HERO Grill has a premium non-stick, ceramic coated grilling surface for easy cooking and quick cleanup. It’s the world’s first portable, dishwasher safe grill. At just nine pounds, HERO makes go anywhere grilling a reality.  

“Our goal is to make charcoal grilling simple, clean and portable so you can enjoy tasty charcoal cooked food on any outdoor adventure,” said Davis Knox, CEO and Founder of Fire & Flavor. “HERO is creatively designed for people who want a premium yet portable grill. Many of our early customers also like the HERO’s convenient charcoal pod system that catches the grilling mess, delivers great food and is good for the environment.”

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Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Athens, GA, Fire & Flavor began by selling cedar grilling planks. It has grown to offer sustainably certified charcoal, all natural fire starters, brines, seasonings, smoking chips, wood pellets and more, including the HERO™ Grill. Fire & Flavor serves as the ultimate resource for unique recipes and all-natural offerings that easily take your home-cooked meals and now your outdoor grilling adventure to the next level.